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innovation at IGM Resins

New product development projects are typically initiated by our sales, technical service and marketing teams in response to specific market or customer needs. Our R&D technicians translate these needs into experimental prototypes and multi-functional teams guide the project through the product development cycle, interfacing with customers and third parties that may be involved.

Innovative Products for Market Needs
IGM Resins is taking the lead in advancing UV technology – with 100% of our R&D investment focused on developing new products to improve performance and / or remove technical barriers to open up new potential applications as well as process optimization. 

IGM Resins has an extensive patent portfolio protecting its intellectual property.  Our patented polymeric low-migration photoinitiators became the standard for use in UV food packaging inks, and positioned this technology for its current dominance in sensitive packaging. IGM’s latest innovations in the market include:
- Toluene free and Specific High Quality grade Photomer® monomers – address environmental concerns
- Esacure® photoinitiators for sensitive packaging - particularly developed for application where low migration values are required.
- Photoinitiators for UV-LED curing formulated systems.

Renewable Energy Curing Resins

One of the IGM Resins value is the respect of the coworkers, our community and our customers. Our goal is to provide safe products and comply with environmental and local regulations. We always believed Photomer® product range has to be produced for a sustainable future.

IGM Resins has a selection of monomers and oligomers based on renewable raw materials available. Thanks to our Research & Development teams, we are focused on developing new Photomer® with high renewable content to improve performance and meet sustainable standards.

Our products are available for a wide range of markets such as graphic arts, wood coatings and plastic coatings. Below you will find our Renewability product list :

Photomer 3005 - ESBOA : 70 %
Photomer 4012 - IBOA : 70 %
Photomer 4094 - GPTA : 21 %
Photomer 4812 - Lauryl acrylate : 77 %
Photomer 5433 - Polyester acrylate : 34 %
Photomer 5437 - Polyester acrylate : 24 %
Photomer 5443 - Fatty acid modified Polyester acrylate 6F : 35 %
Photomer 5450 - Fatty acid modified Polyester acrylate 6F : 30 %
Photomer 5662 - Amine Modified Polyether acrylate : 20 %
Photomer 5850 - Amine Modified Polyether acrylate : 16 %
* Method: percentage of carbon from renewable sources used to produce the finished product. Calculated value.

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