Picture Application Support

Application support

IGM Resins has a technical service dedicated to our customers located in each application centers in North America, Asia, and Europe. We help customers use our products to maximize the performance of their ink and coatings formulations, and can also advise on issues experienced on their customers’  production lines. 

Our technical team members have a profound knowledge of the photoinitiators and resins used in energy curing inks and coatings as well as broad experience in application and curing. IGM Resins offers unique technical support in analysis of migratable species from cured films and advice on low migration technology, including starting point formulations.

Application Performance Testing


IGM Resins provides performance testing of UV/EB raw materials, inks and coatings including:
•    Reactivity test ( Abrasion resistance, Tack free and Throughcure)
•    Adhesion
•    Film thickness
•    Gloss
•    Hardness
•    Impact resistance
•    Shrinkage
•    Surface tension
•    Colour Stability (Yellow and white index)
•    Kinetic profiles using different Lamps ( Hg and LED)

IGM’s Regional Application Centers conduct a wide range of ISO, ASTM and DIN tests. We offers support to our global customers base.

Equipment includes


  • Fusion UV curing units with variable power, lamps (Hg and LED 395 nm) and speed  (from 10 to 100 min)
  • Phoseon UV curing tester equipped with LED lamps (395nm, 16 W/cm power and 365 nm, 12 W/cm power)
  • Accelerated weathering equipment
  • Viscometers
  • Karl Fischer
  • Koenig Pendulum
  • Inkjet tester
  • Thermostatic bath for migration and stability test
  • Sophisticated analysis instruments: U-HPLC-MS, GC-MS, GC-HS , FT-IR .
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