Empowering Tomorrow's Chemistry with our new Photoinitator Esacure 563

Empowering Tomorrow's Chemistry with our new Photoinitator Esacure 563

Introducing Esacure 563, the latest breakthrough in photoinitiator technology developed by the product experts at iGM Resins. In response to the ever-changing market demands, iGM Resins is proud to introduce this new chemistry to the energy curing industry. With Esacure 563, which is based on a cutting-edge technology platform called aromatic glyoxylates, our aim is to elevate the quality of inks and printing processes. This includes reducing yellowing and enhancing reactivity to boost process speed.

Innovation and Sustainability

Esacure 563 offers a significant advantage in its compatibility with both standard UV and LED lamps, providing unprecedented flexibility in its application. This not only enhances operational efficiency, but also facilitates the adoption of emerging technologies like LED curing, renowned for its energy efficiency and environmental advantages. As a Type II photoinitiator, Esacure 563 delivers optimal performance when combined with an amine. 
Moreover, its safer labeling not only increases its appeal, but also positions it as an attractive alternative to traditional photoinitiators such as AAK (Alpha Amino Ketone). By offering a photoinitiator with enhanced safety features, iGM Resins is committed to driving positive change within the energy curing industry while ensuring the well-being of workers and the environment.

Esacure 563 finds extensive use across diverse sectors, including printing inks (Flexo, Offset, and Inkjet), LED Overprint Varnishes (OPV), 3D printing inks, industrial coatings, electronics (LCD and OLED), and electrics (PCB). Its versatility extends beyond traditional printing applications, making it a highly sought-after solution across numerous sectors and industries. With exceptional performance characteristics and compatibility with diverse substrates, Esacure 563 unlocks endless possibilities for manufacturers looking to enhance their products and processes.

Experience Esacure 563, our laboratories have compelling data on Esacure 563's performance. Be among the first to experience its benefits by contacting your local account representative and requesting a sample today.
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The Future of Photoinitiators

Esacure 563 represents the first step in the launch of a new family of products based on the glyoxylate structure. At iGM Resins, we are dedicated to pioneering innovations that not only meet, but exceed the evolving demands of the energy curing industry. With a focus on pushing the boundaries of performance and sustainability, we are set to unveil a series of tailored solutions designed to tackle the most complex challenges faced by our customers.

Stay tuned for updates as we reveal our latest advancements and continue to push the boundaries of innovation in the energy curing industry. Let us together shape the future of photoinitiators and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.

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