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omnipol TP Low Migration Photoinitiator

Omnipol TP - Low Migration Photoinitiator


Omnipol TP

IGM Resins product development is focused on innovative solutions aligned with key market drivers. We develop and commercialize new photoinitiators for UV LED curing, industrial coatings, low migration inks, overprint varnishes and 3D printing.

Omnipol TP is a polymeric type I photoinitiator designed for UV and UV-LED 365/385/395 nm conditions. Main advantages are:

  • Excellent low migration properties
  • Equal reactivity versus Omnirad TPO-L
  • Liquid at room temperature – easy to use
  • Polymer under REACH/TSCA

Omnipol TP is available commercially. Download our documentation and check all properties on the specific product page: 

 Omnipol TP


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