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Quiminutri theme at Abrafati – Raising social awareness

Quiminutri theme at Abrafati – Raising social awareness


At the last three editions of Abrafati Quiminutri has focused on raising social awareness for Down Syndrome and Blindness.
In 2015, Quiminutri had a team of very special hosts at its Abrafati booth, people with Down Syndrome welcomed the customers to their booth.  This initiative was very well received.  

In 2017 Quiminutri worked with a team of visually impaired people that guided blindfolded visitors through “UV technology” in a room where they experienced what it is like to depend on your senses without seeing.  

Quiminutri BoothIn 2019 they decided to build on the 2017 “Guiding you Through and Beyond UV Technology” concept with the theme “Right in Front of the Goal”, allowing customers to participate blindfolded in FUTEBOL DE 5 matches against a team of visually impaired players.  This way they were able to experience the challenges faced by visually impaired people first hand and understand how sport can change people by bringing “a new perspective on how to see life”.    
NOTE: The Football World Cup Five is a competition organized by the IBSA (International Federation of Sports for the Blind). Created in 1998, the competition that currently takes place every four years, had its first edition in the city of Campinas, interior of São Paulo. The competition has a large Brazilian and Argentine dominance, with Brazil winning 5 of the seven editions, while the Argentines twice won the competition.

Visit: www.quiminutri.com.br

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