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IGM in-force patent families covering the manufacturing process for Omnirad 819 ("BAPO")

IGM in-force patent families covering the manufacturing process for Omnirad 819 ("BAPO")

September 23, 2019

Gerenzano Laboratory AnalyticalIGM will continue to assert its intellectual property covering BAPO process technology and curtail the distribution of BAPO produced via infringing our patents. The manufacturing of Omnirad 819 (BAPO) is currently protected by several patents owned by IGM Resins, and covering the most effective production process: EP 1 648 908 B1  and equivalents and EP 1135 399 B2 and equivalents. These patents will remain in force in every territory where the patents have been granted until July 2024.

IGM has an analytical method to prove if versions of BAPO infringing its process patents are manufactured and distributed and has identified several manufacturers and distributors that IGM believes do so. Each of these companies has been contacted to reach agreement on the discontinuation of global marketing and sales of their product. Two of these manufacturers have already agreed to respect IGM's patent rights and no longer offer their product to the market. 

As the leading global provider of innovative solutions for energy curable formulated systems used in a wide variety of industries, research and development and protection of intellectual property are extremely important to IGM. BAPO technology is one of the key platforms in IGM's innovation program and IGM will seek satisfaction through the legal processes available to it in each country, in each and every case of alleged patent infringement, should manufacturers and distributors of BAPO decide to continue the marketing and sales of their infringing product. 

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