IGM attended Radtech China 2020 Conference

IGM attended Radtech China 2020 Conference

October 22, 2020

IGM as the co-organizer of this conference, congratulate on the successful conclusion of the 21st Annual Conference of Radtech China from October 16 to 18, 2020 in Xi 'an. IGM as the world's leading supplier of energy curing raw materials, has been actively participating in various activities organized by Radtech China, to promote the rapid and benign development of China's energy curing technology and industry.  Sun Junhua, IGM AP business director, led the Asian business and R&D team to attend this conference.

The meeting gathered a number of China authoritative expert in different areas, including the member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mr. Peng Xiaojun, Mr. Yang Wantai, Mr. Wu LiZhu; former state ministry of material department deputy director, Mr. Yuan Longhua; China Photographic Society, Ms. Zhang Liping; China Coating industry Association, Ms. Sun Lianying; Hong Xiaoyin professional, committee honorary director of Radtech China; Nie Jun professor, Beijing university of chemical, etc. 

Focus on the theme of "Radiation leads the green Future", the conference discuss the     situation, problems and development trend of the radiation curing industry, promote the wider application of radiation curing technology, display new products, new processes and new technologies of radiation curing, and promote the progress of UV/EB technology.

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