IGM Resins paper selected as the winner of the NAPIM


October 12th, Oak Brook, USA

IGM Resins paper " Photoinitiator blends for enhanced cure speed at LED 395nm wavelengths" was selected as the winner of the NAPIM Fall Technical Conference 2021, Oct 12th. The NAPIM Fall Technical Conference is the preeminent venue for technical training, information exchange, and professional networking in the graphic arts disciplines.

During this event, Camila Baroni, Technical Service Specialist, had the opportunity to present the paper " Photoinitiator blends for enhanced cure speed at LED 395nm wavelengths" based on data sourced from applicative laboratory in Gerenzano, Italy. This presentation showed high interest by people attending the event.

"It was a really nice ceremony and we received many compliments from our customers present like INX, Sun Chemical, Flint, Nazdar."said camila Baroni .

The last day of the event, NAPIM gave a memorial plaque in the name of Elena Bellotti. Elena drove the lab crew to get raw data that were the core of the presentation " Photoinitiator blends for enhanced cure speed at LED 395nm wavelengths" showed, the plaque is to remind Elena’s lab leadership and  commitment in driving the applicative lab and properly address technical works.

NAPIM Fall Technical Conference 2021 was the chance to show one more time IGM’s commitment in leading UV market providing new products and new ideas moreover that the ideas coming from the work of the  applicative lab perfectly suit the "GROW" part of our strategy. 




The National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers (NAPIM) has been the only national trade association for the printing ink industry since its founding in 1916. The overall purpose is to promote the general development and improvement of member companies by fostering greater understanding and knowledge of the printing ink industry as well as representing the industry as a whole on a national basis. In addition, NAPIM provides seminars, conferences, publications, bulletins and consultation services to its member companies on an ongoing basis. The association exists in order to serve its membership, which is accomplished by being both re-active and pro-active on key issues affecting the ink industry. NAPIM members include ink manufacturers, companies that supply raw materials and manufacturers of instrumentation and equipment utilized by the printing ink industry.

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