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IGM Resins B.V. has successfully applied for and granted with the AEO permit


“IGM Resins B.V. has successfully applied for and granted with the AEO permit. As of July 1st, IGM Resins B.V. is officially recognized as an officially trusted trade partner.

“AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) is an internationally recognized accreditation that indicates a company’s role in the supply chain is secure and reliable, and that any Customs controls and procedures are efficient and compliant.”

Most relevant benefits for IGM Resins:

  • Having a safe and secure supply chain to provide better reliability,
  • It signifies to our trading partners and to customs authorities in all EU member states that IGM Resins is trustworthy and compliant,
  • AEO in control leads to improved quality, transparency, effectiveness and efficiency of our business and the way we have organized our processes: we will be more in control in every aspect of our business,
  • Benefits trade with a third country which has in place a MRA (mutual recognition agreement) with the EU, like China, Japan and US.

More information: European Commission website

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