Extra-ordinary energy surcharge for photo-initiators produced at Mortara

Extra-ordinary energy surcharge for photo-initiators produced at Mortara, Italy starting 1st April, 2022

March 28th, 2022

The context of an extra-ordinary geopolitical situation has resulted in a consequent unprecedented increase in gas and energy costs since the 24th of February, 2022. As a result, iGM is forced to announce an energy surcharge of 0.8€ per kilogram for the entire range of photo-initiators, produced at its site  in Mortara, Italy, for deliveries starting 1st April, 2022.

According to Audrey de Wulf, Executive Vice President Sales of iGM Resins: “This surcharge is essential  to keep the only large scale photo-initiator capacity outside of Asia (primarily China) in operation. Keeping the site in Mortara, operating at a healthy level, is crucial to the balance of spread of security of supply over the regions, given the heavy dependence on Asia for the UV curing industry.”

The surcharge will be reviewed on a monthly basis, based on the actual increase or decrease spread over the actual production of the previous month and will be effective for shipments on the 1st of the following month. February, 2022 will be used as the reference date for the calculation of the surcharge.

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