Anqing - new showroom

Anqing - New showroom

In the week of January 19th, we completed the construction of the showroom in our new Anqing Site. 

IGM (Anqing) Technology Development Co., Ltd., which is located in the high-tech zone of Anqing, is dedicated to the production of our Photoinitiators Omnipol, Omnirad, or Esacure. This photoinitiators are used for a wide range of markets such as electronics & adhesives, printing & packaging, and industrial coatings.

IGM’s focus is maintaining consistent supply, high quality, and opportunity to grow for our customers. With the operation of this new state of the art production site in Anqing, China, the existing site in Mortara, Italy, IGM will deliver on its promise to ensure a reliable, sustainable Photoinitiator supply.

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