Omnistab IN 518

Liquid blend of Tris(N-hydroxy-N-nitrosophenyl-aminato-O,O’alumium + Propoxylated glycerol triacrylate CAS NO. 15305-07-4 + 150-76-5 + 52408-84-1

Application: Graphic Arts, Wood Coatings, Plastic Coatings, Metal Coatings, Electronics, Adhesives and others

Product description:

Omnistab IN 518 is an effective liquid polymerization inhibitor or storage stabilizer for photosensitive resins and monomers. It retards the self-polymerization of UV-coating and ink formulations during storage.

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Appearance: Liquid

Viscosity: 170 mPa.s at 25 °C

Available in Europe
Available in the USA
Available in South America
Available in China
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