iGM Resins Offers Sustainable and Safe Alternatives for TPO

iGM Resins Offers Sustainable and Safe Alternatives for TPO

April 24, 2023, Waalwijk, The Netherlands

iGM Resins, the global leader in the energy curing industry is pleased to introduce a variety of solutions to address the recent reclassification of TPO photoinitiators.  As a responsible player in the energy curing market, we highly encourage our customers to migrate to these safer alternatives. 

Recently, TPO underwent additional toxicological testing which led to a recommendation to classify the substance as Reprotoxic 1B. TPO is already classified in the USA and several Asian countries, while the process to change its classification is ongoing in Europe.  We understand the importance of using safer alternatives to ensure the protection of operators and the environment. Therefore, we are pleased to introduce the following solutions, suitable for standard UV and LED curing systems:

•    Omnirad 819 is a unique photoinitiator specifically tailored for the food packaging industry. iGM provides advanced solutions with blends based on Omnirad 819 to better meet the changing needs of this market.
•    Omnirad 380 is ideal for diverse industrial applications that require a reliable solution for energy curing formulations.
•    Omnirad TPO-L is based on a Phenyl Phosphinate chemistry that provides a safer alternative for UV inks and coatings.

iGM Resins is making significant progress in the development of two innovative and sustainable photoinitiators for the printing and packaging and industrial coating markets. Our latest project under development named “Ultra Deep Curing” will bring exceptional performance with high reactivity in liquid format that can be applied under Hg and LED curing conditions.

iGM Resins is committed to continuous innovation and development of solutions to meet the evolving needs of theindustry. We remain committed to environmental sustainability and regulatory compliance and we encourage our customers to join us in implementing safer alternatives. Our technical team will ensure a smooth and seamless transition for our valued customers and provide expert guidance and support throughout the process.

For further information and assistance, please contact our commercial team  at the following address: sales@igmresins.com

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