Driving Sustainability Excellence

Driving Sustainability Excellence: Our Italian Chemical Plant's Transformative Journey Towards PCB-Free Products, Life Cycle Assessment, and Carbon Footprint Reduction

October 5th, 2023, Waalwijk, The Netherlands

Our facility located in Mortara (Italy) has embarked on a transformative journey towards a greener and more environmentally responsible future. With a firm commitment to sustainability, we have undertaken significant measures aimed at reducing our environmental impact and promoting a healthier planet.
We have implemented three pivotal initiatives in our plant in Mortara: the elimination of PCBs in our products, the implementation of Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs), and substantial investments in reducing our carbon dioxide (CO2) footprint. These initiatives are not just goals but fundamental principles that drive our daily operations.

Elimination of PCBs in our products
We hereby confirm that all photoinitiators produced in Mortara, owing to its specific and advanced manufacturing process, does not contain any detectable levels of PCBs. As the only European production location of photoinitiators, we guarantee the highest standards when it comes to Quality, Safety, Health and Environment. 
Aligned with our purpose and as part of the Go, Grow, Green strategy, we are fully committed to optimize production processes where needed and, in close collaboration with our raw material suppliers, eliminate unintendedly created substances, such as PCBs, from all of IGM’s products.  

Implementation of Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs)
At iGM Resins, we are committed to making a positive impact on the environment and supporting the sustainability efforts of our customers. Our dedication to sustainability is reflected in completing our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Omnirad™ 819, Omnirad™ 1173, and Omnirad™ 184 from our plant located in Mortara available for our customers.
A LCA is detailed report that allows us to assess the environmental impact of our products from Cradle-to-gate. Together with independent expert company and accredited certification organization, iGM Resins has established accurate and comprehensive LCA’s. The LCA study, modeling and reporting have been audited by an independent third-party auditor according to the rules set out in the international standards ISO 14044 and ISO 14040. Not only does it provide clarity and insights for our partners, but by using our LCA, we can identify areas where we can improve our sustainability performance and collaborate with our suppliers and customers to reduce environmental impact.
Additionally, it is important to take into consideration that UV technology saves substantial energy downstream compared to solvent and waterborne alternatives, helping end users to improve their carbon footprint.

Carbon Footprint Reduction
We are proud to announce our ongoing efforts in environmental sustainability at our plant in Italy. As part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, we are making substantial investments in two key areas: water and electricity consumption.
We are dedicated to minimizing our water consumption by implementing advanced technologies and efficient processes. By doing so, we aim to significantly reduce our environmental impact and ensure the responsible use of this vital resource.
We are embracing solar energy by installing solar panels at our facility. This renewable energy source not only helps us reduce our reliance on fossil fuels but also contributes to a cleaner and more sustainable future. By harnessing the power of the sun of Italy, we are taking proactive steps towards mitigating our CO2 emissions.
Our long-term commitment is to continually decrease our carbon footprint and work towards a greener and more environmentally friendly operation. We believe that these investments in reducing water consumption and adopting solar energy will make a substantial difference in our efforts to protect the planet for generations to come.

Wilfrid Gambade, CEO at IGM Resins says; “As the reliable and responsible business partner driving the UV industry, our commitment is to provide the market with sustainable solutions to guarantee the future of our industry.”

About IGM Resins
IGM Resins specializes in the development, manufacture, and supply of products and technical services to the global energy curing coatings and inks market. IGM Resins develops, produces, and distributes a full range of radiation curable materials including photoinitiators, energy curing oligomers and monomers, and additives from manufacturing facilities in Europe and Asia, supported by technical labs to help create next generation energy curable coatings and inks. For additional information on IGM Resins, visit www.igmresins.com or on twitter @igmresins.

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